Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Horrible am I at Blogging??

Maybe I would be more apt to posting if I was more computer savvy. Buttt I really am just horrible with maintaining anything on the internet except for my Facebook and Twitter. It’s currently finals week and I’m finding every reason and measure to avoid studying... Hence the reason I’m blogging. :) Between my academics and time spent with sorority related events, I’ve been satisfyingly swamped this semester. Hopefully next semester will slow down.

My biggest interest this semester has been my sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau. (The photo attached below is my pledge class on bid day, back in September.)

I just rushed this year as a junior and ended up being the gamma zeta pledge class president, overseeing 58 wonderful ladies. I was initiated at the end of October and have already been a part of many exciting events and I simply cannot wait for the upcoming years. I just obtained the role of t shirt chair for this upcoming year. Some of my fraternity friends think it's a joke, but when there are 122 girls in your sorority, it really is necessary to have the job of ordering t-shirts organized and designated to one person. Any ideas for some cool shirts for any college related events? (i.e. homecoming, greek week, rush week, etc.) Let me know!

I’ve been stumbling a lot lately. Have you guys tried stumbleupon.com? It’s a website that allows you to enter your interests and it gives you suggestions as to what websites you’ll probably like. It’s really the coolest and I’ve come across some really interesting and/or humorous things. Go stumble!

I have a lot more vintage items to be posted to my Etsy store... While I am home over Christmas break, my sister is going to model new items to be posted, so watch out for that! In the meantime, take a gander at the store to see if there is anything you could get as a gift for someone on your list! Most of the prices have been reduced to get rid of some of the inventory... I don't have much space in my apartment.

I’m also currently compiling a Christmas wishlist... Perhaps that will be my next post. That’s an update for now... Comment and keep me motivated to post again soon.


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