Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello Fall

It’s been crazy hot out lately! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the warm weather... But I’ve been ready for fall for awhile now... And today was really the first day that it finally felt like fall! I was SO ready for these chilly nights and can’t wait for the falling leaves! Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons for fashion because I have the ability to do so much more... I can finally wear my jackets, hats, scarves, leggings, layers, layers, LAYERS, my little dresses with tights and boots! And on my lazy days when i roll out of bed twenty minutes before class... hoodies!

Welcome fall. I’ve missed you. :]

Monday, September 14, 2009


Kanye West, I have lost all respect for you. That is, the little I even had for you in the first place.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Etsy Store Sneak Preview

In the next couple of weeks, I will be opening up my Etsy Store! So to get my few readers that I have ABSOLUTELY PUMPED, I'm posting some photos of a few items I will be selling. I'm giving you a preview of a shirt, a bottom, a dress and an accessory to give you a little taste.... A vintage polka dot button up shirt, a beautiful navy paisley skirt that I hemmed, MY FAVORITE little lacy drop waist dress! (Way too small for me to keep, or it'd be in my closet right now) and finally, a clip bow for your hair... the perfect deep burgundy color! The beautiful model is my little sister, Jessie. She should actually try to get signed by a modeling agency, right? She's only 17 and I swear she gets more gorgeous by the minute.

Photos taken by me, at my house. That's all for now!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

I moved into my apartment a couple of weeks ago... I had about 3 days to pack, move, then unpack, catch up with friends, go to a few parties, situate/decorate my apartment, go to get my books, etc. etc... And then school started. Ever since then I've been sooo busy getting into the swing of things and I greatly apologize that I haven't been able to post. For this post, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my apartment prior to decorating... And once my apartment is finally decorated, I'll post a blog with pictures of the finished product!  It's nothing special... It's a campus apartment, so the supplied furniture as well as the tile floors are very dorm-like...

Here is my brother Matthew helping to unroll my carpet remnants.

My sister Jessie clearly was a lot of help...

Welcome to my itty bitty kitchen.

And my itty bitty shared bedroom.

And my itty bitty bathroom.

A few days before we moved in, one of the apartment buildings caught fire from a lightning storm... And here is a picture of the remains of the poor building.

That's all for now... But be looking for a post this week with a sneak preview of some vintage items that will be put in my Etsy Store!


Monday, August 17, 2009

First Blog Post!

Well this is officially my first blogspot blog post. So I’ll start off by telling a little about myself.

First things first: I’m Paige and I’m 19. I’ll put it plain and simple, I’m far from plain and simple. At first I’m quiet, but once you get to know me you’ll realize I’m very loud and quite crazy and spontaneous. I procrastinate like no other and I’m never on time. I sit like a boy and curse like a sailor, but I’m still quite the girly girl. I am sophomore status at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, which is 12 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. I was studying to be a business major... but jeez is it hard and can I mention boring?! I’m staying at SIUE again this year to knock out some more gen-eds but then I’m transferring to Columbia College in Chicago next summer or fall to major in Fashion Retail Management and Merchandising. Eventually I want to own my own cute little downtown boutique... So technically I don’t need a degree... But you have to live the college experience, right? Plus I need a degree to fall back on if my entrepreneur plans fall through. :p

Some more about me... I grew up in a small town in the Midwest... Population 2000. It’s a small town full of redneck high school football fans who wear too much Hollister Co. and or a lot of camouflage themed outfits... Ick. It’s quite different from me and my style... The majority of the time you’ll find me wearing dresses and my outfits usually consist of a lot of color and various prints... Very quirky, but all very girly. It would KILL me if I had to dress like everyone else. So needless to say, in high school, I stuck out like a sore thumb. This brings me to why I’m interested in writing this blog. I’m using this blog to not only update long distance friends and family about my life, but also to discuss things of interest to me with other people who are interested in the same things I am interested in: first and most importantly, fashion and fashion findings. Also, shopping, art, current events, music, celebrities, etc.

My biggest interest is and has always been clothing and fashion. From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I use to hand-sew countless little outfits for my barbies and others dolls. Currently, I don’t have enough skill to produce quality clothing, but I’m working on it! Once I open my boutique, hopefully someday my own designs can be a nice addition to my store.

But for now, I’ve been really interested in thrifting. I just loooove to look through thrift stores and consignment shops... I could do it for hours. Lately I’ve been shopping at all the local thrift stores and collecting things here and there. Currently, I’m hemming and altering some of the vintage clothing I’ve bought and making plans to open an Etsy store selling vintage clothing. I’m so excited! My friend Lauren Winter of “Blooming Leopold Vintage” is my full inspiration for starting my blog and Etsy store. (So make sure you check out her site!! -- )

More updates are soon to come. But until then, here’s my blog. Welcome and enjoy!