Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Update

I apologize for not posting regularly. However, from now on, I am going to truly try to keep up with this because I really want to promote my Etsy store and also keep family and friends posted about life. So what's new with me? I'm back at school taking a few summer classes. My job as an after-school-care-worker is no longer a job in existence because the state of Illinois is poor as shit and therefore has taken away the funding for my after-school-care program. Hmph. So, I'm desperately looking for a job. Anyone know of anything in the St. Louis/Metro-east area? I have applied 15 places so far... and nothing.

My weekend was alright. Friday night, I hung out with some friends. We drank outside in my cousin's summer house and a HUGE STORM hit the area. We were about to go inside until the power went out. I'm sure it wasn't the safest life choice I've ever made, but at least in the summer house there was some natural outdoor light between the moon and breaks of lightening. Last night, my bff from high school came to visit meee. We made funfetti cookies at an extremely late hour, which was also not the smartest life choice considering our air conditioning was broken. The heat from the oven made our apartment even MORE hottt. Can you spot the llama cookie?

So since our air conditioning is broken, we passed the time by going to The Galleria today. I didn't need to spend the money, but I was glad I was in the A/C and with my bff all day. So I'm currently in the library... Uhm, "studying" for the midterm I have tomorrow. I'm also using the library as an escape from my scorching hot apartment. The good news is after about 8 or so maintenance trips... We should be getting our A/C fixed for GOOD tomorrow sometime.

I have had 10 sales in my Etsy Store in the past 3 months... Which is a start. But I'd like to get the ball rolling. I have been promoting my Etsy store via Myspace. Myspace is so 2005 though, right? I guess blogging would be a better route, but I never have the time or patience to sit and write, unless it's for school. But here I am, blogging again. And I'll be posting again shortly to give you an Etsy shop update. :]
**My Etsy Store!
**Cat and Mouse Myspace!

How was your weekend?


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